The Lost "Art of Lighting"

Light is the primary and most fundamental element in creating high quality images.


In today’s fast moving, multi-media, digital environment, you need professional lighting skills to create images that make an impact and stand out from the crowd, especially in the constantly evolving high definition age.

You need to know how and why particular lights are used and placed and controlled to paint with the lights to create a well lit canvas. What texture, volume and colour does to a face or surface and how to psychologicaly persuade an audience to buy in to your story. This knowledge does not come on a CD from Amazon or off Youtube! You need to handle it and understand and feel it first hand with hands on training. These masterclasses will equip you with core industry skills and knowledge for the rest of your career.

I can provide training for all types of lighting:

Classic Lighting Training - The basis of all lighting skills.

As image capture technology constantly improves and the viewing technology gets bigger all the time, the need for extremely well produced pictures becomes obvious. The images produced will be at times, larger than life. It has never been easier to produce moderately transmittable video images with the latest small digital cameras, and more and more people are doing it, but only a small number are doing it well.

Acquiring the skills to produce outstanding pictures takes time and experience and have never been needed as much as they are now, with video technology slowly creeping towards the resolution of 35mm film and end users with huge viewing screens in their homes.

Through my training courses, that are designed to rapidly enhance your lighting skills, you will noticeably and quickly improve your image quality and become more proficient at what you do by using the right tools for the job. These are core technical skills that will last you a lifetime and the financial and time investment in these skills will help you create a far better quality end product. This will in turn, make your productions stand out from the crowd, impress your clients and above all generate greater revenues for your business and who knows, maybe even win you awards.

Testemonials from previous students

" I learnt more about lighting in this hour long seminar than I did in my whole 3 years at University"

Linford Miles: Surrey University.


Group Workshops 2019/20

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Invest in your future profession and craft skills

Special Group Lighting and Camera Masterclass

JUST £375 + vat   ( Less than a days wages!)

4 Person, one day intensive hands on masterclass.

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Bespoke Packages

Corporate or Company production or A/V departments and technicians in need of new lighting and camera skills or updating styles and techniques for today’s fast moving multi-format communications environments. This includes web casting and corporate communications.

One to One Personal Tuition

I offer a personal One to One bespoke tuition on lighting skills tailored to your personal needs at all levels. A highly effective way of advancing your own style and techniques for your particular way of working and shooting and help you adapt to a new or particular type of shooting environment. This includes war zones, extreme environments or simply classic portraiture and documentary shoots.

Typical Content:

  • Specialist Blue / green screen techniques for Film & TV with the most up to date lighting tools.

  • In depth camera menu manipulation.

  • Advanced Camera Filtration techniques.

  • Hands on with some of the latest, greatest, biggest and smallest tools in the business.

  • Shooting psychology and the art of engaging your audience.


Please contact me to discuss your requirements and price. Contact details below.