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Location - West London:

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To December 2018


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Course Object and Aims:

To renew, develop and enhance a knowledge and understanding of the principles of light and lighting for studios or location, with industry best practice in mind. To give a solid grounding and to integrate the fundamental principles of lighting theory and camera operation to an intermediate level of competence. With a hands on approach where possible, give more confidence in the use of studio & location lighting tools and of cameras menus and photographic capability.

 Course Outline:

Introduction to Light, it’s origins and how and why it is used in Film & TV production

Video cameras & CCD’s/CMOS sensors and issues

Colour Temperature and how and why we use it.

Lighting Tools. What, when where and why

Selecting the right lamps and tools for the job in hand

Camera manipulation and basic operational techniques and best practice

Introduction to Classic lighting techniques for TV

Light manipulation and control

Use of lighting filters

On camera filtration and effects

Psychology and the art of image creation and audience manipulation

Health & Safety on the Set


This course will rapidly enhance the ability to utilise and understand the fundamental photographic principles and methods to help produce high quality glossy television images, efficiently and easily.

To develop lighting and camera operational skills to an intermediate level, to create greater confidence in lighting and shooting in varied lighting environments be it location or studio. With the use of simple and also advanced quality tools, develop creative methods of lighting to enhance and give added value, quality and gloss to any production or program.


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