KINOFLO Select-LED & Divalite-LED & Celeb range Review

The eagerly awaited Kinoflo “Select “ range of high quality, colour tunable soft LED lights have arrived here in the UK and boy, the wait was worth it.   This now includes the Divalite LED and Celeb range of heads

Divalite LED20 Link

Kinoflo have slipped into the world of LED lighting like Cinderella into her slippers. The light quality,  design care and product finishing is clean and neat as we have come to expect from them, and the touch pad interface and software is for me, spot on… once you have worked out where everything is, as with any software.  There is a lot to talk about on this new range of lights so I will attempt to keep it concise and in a logical order… for a dyslexic!

There are currently two lamps in this system, the Select 20 & 30 versions and are 2ft & 3ft long respectively. Not quite the 4ft 4 Bank size I had hoped for…. But watch this space. More to come.

The light panel/diffuser dimensions for the Select20 are56 x 26 cm and the whole fixture is67 x 33 x 9cm  and for the Select30 are92 x 20.5cm, and the whole fixture 103 x 27 x 9cm for the Select30. Total depth closed with the barn doors is near enough 16cm on both lamps.

For me, the two foot version is almost equivalent to the all time classic DivaLite400 which still holds it’s own in the fluorescent market today, but again , watch this space as I believe they are going to release a new DivaLite LED version this autumn and it will be superb and another “Must Have” light in your kit and it will nock spots of everything in the market place with its features.

The electronic ballast/colour control unit that comes with the Select range pulling .65A & 1.3A at 150W respectively, are completely removable if required and can be attached to the lighting stand or used remotely on a header extension cable where required. The ballast is of universal voltage and is also equipped with an 18-36V input, giving this lamp a huge scope of possible uses.

The Kinoflo Selects have a standard five pin XLR cabled or built-in Wireless DMX capability using the “Lumen Radio©” system and all you need is a Lumen Radio Dongle plugged in to your DMX desk and you are ready to go. Look no cables.. and it works well.

The lamps currently in ten bit mode, uses six DMX channels in total to control luminance, colour temperature, green/magenta shift and R/G/B mix. In a twelve-bit mode it requires seven channels for ultra smooth dimming.

I must though tell you about the most important button on the ballast. No it is not the On/Off button but the “Lock” button. This disables all other buttons which is essential. (and sadly not incorporated into some lamps I could mention) All you need is to have a lamp in a rig or above your head with a specific setting and you accidentally touch a button or nock the colour or dimming control and all is lost as you have no idea where you were. This button is an essential fit to modern software driven tools and the Select system has it.

Now, the most important bit. Light output and control!

The quality of light, which you all may know if you know me, as I am hyper critical, is paramount with any LED source and the Select output is as close as you can get to a black body radiation source as I have seen even at this price bracket.

It is clean and tracks the black body radiation curve (known as the Plankian curve) pretty spot on and not only does it do that through the dimming range which is extremely complicated to achieve electronically speaking, but tracks also through the complete colour temperature range that it covers, that being from 2700K to 6500K. It does this continuously and silky smooth with a very clever 10 bit dimming smoothing curve. If you require 12 bit dimming, this is also available in the software options but will require and extra channel on a standard DMX board.

Colour Temperature is selected in the software and smoothly transits from 2700K-6500K either quickly on the select knob, which once pushed in once, allows extremely fine colour tuning to your liking and is then storable on any of the four preset buttons. These preset buttons are factory set with 2700K, 3200K, 5000K & 6500K respectively, but fully customizable to your liking and reset to factory preset with a push of a button.

High quality colour is achieved with these fixtures by utilizing not one but two “White” led chips to obtain accurate colour temperatures and tracking, where other manufacturers only use one, which is possibly not the best way to do it.

One of the big issues in recent years has been the differing spectral sensitivities of camera sensors across the range of camera manufacturers giving rise to erratic colour rendering of different light sources and skin tone reproduction. Kinoflo have intelligently addressed this issue and have incorporated a Green/Magenta hue shift in the software that allows you to either tweak the light fixture so as to match the colour shift in the camera either to the green or magenta to achieve a clean image or to match  colour shifts in other light sources that may have a colour shift already and you wish to match it to obtain the correct colour balance between mixed light sources. Brilliant. This is not an electronic filter pack to adjust a crap light output in the first instance. Who on earth would do that??

Colour Filters.

Who on earth carries the whole Lee filter swatch in the back of the truck?

A world of colour at your fingertips

A world of colour at your fingertips

YOU DO!  No more wading through old rolls of decrepit, stuck together, torn and degraded filter rolls or rushing back to the van to get a roll of cosmetic High light , the dynamic colour tuneability of the Kinoflo Select lamps allows you to very cleverly chose between hundreds of lighting filter colours, select from Kinoflo Designed colours embedded in the soft ware already, and in the RGB colour mode  create your own designer colours.

If you down load the app called “ShowTool Swatch “ Or “Stagehand” open it and select a colour gel you fancy and enter the Hue angle in degrees and the Saturation percentage, it will get you that particular colour created. Genius.

Have you ever wanted a specific colour to do a wall wash with and then to drop a gobo on top of, or use as a Sodium street light effect through a window or as a kicker or even key light over the top? You can now. This colour picker/generator gives you an infinite number of colours filters to chose from and to create your self in a very simple software program embedded in the ballast of the Select lamp.

A-haaa! I hear you say, but gels give a different colour rendering if you put them in front of a Tungsten lamp as opposed to a Daylight lamp. Correct.

So… Kinoflo have put a White Point selector in the software so you select what colour temperature lamp you are effectively putting this filter in front of, ranging from 2700K to 9500K

Cunning these chaps from California. They don’t just sit there all day discussing different ways to roast coffee or where the next Sushi lunch is going to be, they have more than seriously thought through this lighting tool and its design and incorporated the intelligent features smart and creative image makers need and they work, and they work very well.

I have not yet mentioned THE most important aspect of these lamps, that being the texture and quality of the light that oozes from these fixtures. It is delicious. The diffusion material that the LED’s radiate through is light enough to integrate the individual point sources (unlike most) and yet get a good strong output for the fixture size, weight and portability aspect and still gives a deliciously flattering, strong but all enveloping soft dream like coat of photons on the subject.

The texture on skin, especially close up is astounding. I love it and really enjoy using these lamps to generate glossy images with.  Combine that light quality with the honeycomb grids of 90, 60 & 45 degrees that fit tightly to the panel and has no side spill like the Diva and 4ft 4Bank, and you have one superb lighting tool that has total controllability and in it’s class is second to none.

To summarize.

HDR Pic Web.jpg

This is a lighting tool that is an “iPhone” tool of our trade. A Smart Light and a must have in your kit, as it gives you so much bang for your buck on many levels. The build quality and light stability brought about by intelligent heat control of the circuit boards is a major plus for this lamp. The software is updateable via a Mini-B USB data port allowing future developments in colour creation and other features to be added F.O.C. I am told.

The Kinoflo Select, Celeb & Divalite LED series lamps give you totaly consistent, acurate and clean variable colour temperature. Any colour, any hue, any level, from any voltage anywhere any time, with delicious photographic colour rendering and skin tones. What more could we need?   A bigger one please?  (ooh, and a smaller one to fit on top of the camera, and one to shoot in cars with and, and and.)

I have invested in a lot of camera and lighting kit in my thirty years plus on the road and you have to choose wisely as there is a lot of rubbish out there nowadays and you want your kit to last and pay for it’s self.   Some of my Kino kit is over twenty years old and still going and still delivering.  It is dependable lighting tools you need with multiple and practical uses on mains and battery power and these tools do just that.

Your lighting tools and images are your reputation. See it, use it, believe it.    

 A superb light to use and a pleasure to review.


Micro-Lighting - DLED3

Micro-Lighting - DLED3

Dedo DLED3 Bi-Colour Micro-Lighting Kit

Micro-Lighting DLED3 Three head kit and stands with DP1S Gobo projector. You need this!

Micro-Lighting DLED3 Three head kit and stands with DP1S Gobo projector. You need this!

Click links below for interview with Dedo Weigert & Pete Burns D.o.P..

See the kit:

The Dream Micro Lighting Kit.

Having recently had the immense  pleasure of getting my hands on the new Mini softbox adapter ring for the Dedo DLED3 that takes the soft box that fits the standard DLH4 & DLED7.  Size matters here!  I discovered that there is only about a half stop difference between the DLED7 and the DLED3 output at the surface of the diffusion fabric which is amazing in terms of efficient light output from these delicious and perfectly formed tiny Bi-colour LED lights.

So, whether you are a News Cameraman, a VJ, a one man band, DV-warrior or even a dedicated documentary or drama cameraman not to forget an animator, you can not afford to not have this absolutely divine DLED3 Micro-lighting kit in your armory. Comprising three or four DLED3 heads, power supplies, (mains or battery) stands and soft boxes all in a small soft case that fits .. YES!  In an aircraft overhead bin. The traveling cameraman's dream we have all been waiting for has arrived.

Dled3 head.jpg

Having spent my life on the road shooting big documentary series and possibly shot in every conceivable condition on the planet, I know how desperate you can get for just that little addition of high quality light to boost available light without carrying a huge case of lights and stands that cost a fortune in excess baggage. That amazing little kiss of magic light that lifts an interview without it being obviously lit, bounced or direct for  “In car shots”   or a splash of sculpted light as a back light or kicker or even in the back of a shot or pack shot that delivers a spark of beauty and magic to what could have been a drab, flat and un-interesting shot, especially with the bi-colour ability, or even assisting in the inevitable mixed lighting we always end up with. They also tuck into the tinniest spaces to work their magic too.

I used the standard mini soft-box that is just big enough for a key;  that also fits the standard DLH4 classic and the DLED7 series of lights with the diffuser on the front and with a grid as well to control spill efficiently.
I  achieved a stop of f2.8- f3.2 at ISO 800 at approximately 2 meters which is about the right distance for a talking head. Click link below for .pdf brochure with Photometrics of all DLED's

I did not use the inner baffle/diffuser as this cuts too much light and we need all the light we can get out of these tiny but amazing lights. This was with a single light in a dark room so once you add another couple of lights as fill and back you end up with a decent exposure from such a tiny kit of lights.
Lighting is not always about huge buckets of light all over the set, it is about control of subtle airbrushed flicks of light in the right place. This kit certainly delivers that and more.

Be aware, that not using the inner baffle visually creates a star effect on the front of the diffusion material but this has little or no effect on the subject you are photographing unless it is a high gloss or mirror surface and you are extremely close. That does not sound like a talking head to me, so ignore it. Look at the subject not the soft-box…. please.

For those who know me, and for those who don’t, I am hyper critical about LED lighting colour , as there is so much rubbish on the market, but the whole Dedo family of LED lights output hits the nail and the Plankian curve right on the head. If the dimmer/controller says “32", it is 3200 degrees Kelvin or “56”, is 5600 degrees Kelvin and green/magenta clean all the way up the scale and also through the dimming curve which is smooth and even.

DLED3 - 3 head battery driven kit.

DLED3 - 3 head battery driven kit.

So with a combination of three or four DLED3’s, stands, soft boxes, grids and power supplies along with “V”lock batteries and adapters if you so wish, along with a Dedo flexible stand extension of course and a cute baby DP1S Gobo projector that fits the DLED3, and a few gobos, all in one tiny “Overhead Bin” case, you have the perfect “Up The Jungle”  travelling documentary kit that will last you a life time, if my DLH4 kit is anything to go buy, and you will truly love working with it if my experiences with this kit is also anything to go by.

It has been pure pleasure over my career working with the lights that Dedo has created and these new perfectly formed bi-colour LED baby’s are no exception. They are the iPhones of the LED lighting tools that are around today and are efficient, colour correct, great flood to spot ratio as you would expect with a clean flat field of light and tiny and light weight into the bargain. A dream come true.

So, what ever your field of image making is, from Animation to Pack-shots , Documentary to Drama, you will always find a use for these amazing baby bundles of deliciously clean surgical light that can only add gloss and sophistication somewhere to all your images.  

The traveling cameraman's high quality lightweight dream lighting kit solution we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. Its a worthwhile life time investment and it will last a life time and add so much to your images.

The Dedo DLED3 Micro-lighting kit. The best Christmas present you could ever buy yourself!

Click link below for more product info.

"Street Fighter" LED Kit

New Ultimate "Street Fighter" Master LED Lighting Kit:

Get the lighting tools right and you will only have to buy them ONCE!                             (Unlike your camera)

For those who know me from the industry,  trade shows, BVE 2018, IBC and events around the globe and the L.O.T.R. (Lighting on the Run) fans, and the trusting companies who have and still are supporting the cause,                          I thank you all.

Lighting is my passion and looking at the kit we use to create high quality images and how to use it in the best way regardless of the style of production,is important to the efficiency of how we work in an environment that is now-a-days Cash and Time critical. I am constantly asked about what I use, how I use it and what the best tools are for a standard everyday talking head kit. The standard Lighting on the Run “Doco kit.”

This has changed for me over the past year or so and has developed into an ever expanding but relatively fine tuned tool kit. But as any seasoned image maker knows, you have to stop somewhere, or you will never get your money back, as production never seem to want to pay for everything you get out and use, even though they “Love the Pictures” once they get them back to the cutting room, but are tools YOU need to use to do the job well and get some job satisfaction form the very short, lunch-less days we seem to work!!

Lighting kit is personal but there are for me a few essential tools that you need that work almost faultlessly and last for years, are easy to set up, has low maintenance and running costs and gives a high quality controlable light output at a low power consumption.

Here is my new LED – "Street Fighter" Master kit:

I have designed this kit in two cases, one a hard flight case and one a Back Pack to allow you fight the streets and daylight with the Felloni-Turbo on batteries for pieces to camera in high contrast situations, shooting out of windows or even on dull days, then use the deliciuos Divalite Led20 to shoot glossy controlled interviews and talking heads with finess. This is a kit that will give you fast , efficient qiuality images be it on the hoof or in a controled situation. This far from a cheap lighting kit but if you are serious about investing in your business and image quality it will pay for it's self in image quality over one to two years and last you at least another ten. A sure long life knockout winner kit.

1 x Kinoflo Divalite LED Kit with off set arm and Matthews folding stand & 60 Degree Honeycomb

1 x XE-70 a V-Lok battery adaper

1 x Dedotech Felloni Turbo Bi-Colour & Soft box

2 x V-Lok batteries

2 x Dedo DLED 7.1 Turbo 90W Bi-Colour Heads with Inline dimmers and barn doors

1 x Dedo DLED 3.140W Bi-Colour  yoke mount with Microsoft box and flexible stand extension (DSTFX) for great back lights

4 x Dedo light stands

1 x Dedo DP1.10 Projector with Gobo holder and 60mmm Lens

1 x Dedo Projector Framing Shutters

1 x Master Set of L.O.T.R Gobo’s from Cirrolite

1 x Gobo pouch

1 x Pack Dedo colour filter gels

1 x Pack Dedo Diffusion filters

Below is a link to a list price quote and all the componets in the kit as well as dealer part numbers so that you can pick and choose what you need in your kit. Send the list to any of the major re-sellers (add or subtract items as you wish) and they will know what you are after.

Street Fighter Kit List Pdf Down load  

The classic Flourescent and Tungsten version of this kit has lasted me nearly two decades and is kit that still WORKS, creates beautiful images.

Get the tools right and you will only have to buy it ONCE!                             (Unlike your camera)

See Divalite LED at BVE 2017 here

Divalite LED20 Link

Till next time, or I see you at IBC 2018 or somewhere around the globe..

Keep it clean, keep it sharp.