New Ultimate "Street Fighter" Master LED Lighting Kit:

Get the lighting tools right and you will only have to buy them ONCE!                             (Unlike your camera)

For those who know me from the industry,  trade shows, BVE 2018, IBC and events around the globe and the L.O.T.R. (Lighting on the Run) fans, and the trusting companies who have and still are supporting the cause,                          I thank you all.

Lighting is my passion and looking at the kit we use to create high quality images and how to use it in the best way regardless of the style of production,is important to the efficiency of how we work in an environment that is now-a-days Cash and Time critical. I am constantly asked about what I use, how I use it and what the best tools are for a standard everyday talking head kit. The standard Lighting on the Run “Doco kit.”

This has changed for me over the past year or so and has developed into an ever expanding but relatively fine tuned tool kit. But as any seasoned image maker knows, you have to stop somewhere, or you will never get your money back, as production never seem to want to pay for everything you get out and use, even though they “Love the Pictures” once they get them back to the cutting room, but are tools YOU need to use to do the job well and get some job satisfaction form the very short, lunch-less days we seem to work!!

Lighting kit is personal but there are for me a few essential tools that you need that work almost faultlessly and last for years, are easy to set up, has low maintenance and running costs and gives a high quality controlable light output at a low power consumption.

Here is my new LED – "Street Fighter" Master kit:

I have designed this kit in two cases, one a hard flight case and one a Back Pack to allow you fight the streets and daylight with the Felloni-Turbo on batteries for pieces to camera in high contrast situations, shooting out of windows or even on dull days, then use the deliciuos Divalite Led20 to shoot glossy controlled interviews and talking heads with finess. This is a kit that will give you fast , efficient qiuality images be it on the hoof or in a controled situation. This far from a cheap lighting kit but if you are serious about investing in your business and image quality it will pay for it's self in image quality over one to two years and last you at least another ten. A sure long life knockout winner kit.

1 x Kinoflo Divalite LED Kit with off set arm and Matthews folding stand & 60 Degree Honeycomb

1 x XE-70 a V-Lok battery adaper

1 x Dedotech Felloni Turbo Bi-Colour & Soft box

2 x V-Lok batteries

2 x Dedo DLED 7.1 Turbo 90W Bi-Colour Heads with Inline dimmers and barn doors

1 x Dedo DLED 3.140W Bi-Colour  yoke mount with Microsoft box and flexible stand extension (DSTFX) for great back lights

4 x Dedo light stands

1 x Dedo DP1.10 Projector with Gobo holder and 60mmm Lens

1 x Dedo Projector Framing Shutters

1 x Master Set of L.O.T.R Gobo’s from Cirrolite

1 x Gobo pouch

1 x Pack Dedo colour filter gels

1 x Pack Dedo Diffusion filters

Below is a link to a list price quote and all the componets in the kit as well as dealer part numbers so that you can pick and choose what you need in your kit. Send the list to any of the major re-sellers (add or subtract items as you wish) and they will know what you are after.

Street Fighter Kit List Pdf Down load  

The classic Flourescent and Tungsten version of this kit has lasted me nearly two decades and is kit that still WORKS, creates beautiful images.

Get the tools right and you will only have to buy it ONCE!                             (Unlike your camera)

See Divalite LED at BVE 2017 here

Divalite LED20 Link

Till next time, or I see you at IBC 2018 or somewhere around the globe..

Keep it clean, keep it sharp.